Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs is always an annoyed problem for all of us. It makes our skin rough, red rashes and ugly. In fact, this is not a serious sickness, it is the phenomenon of hair growth and it lies twisted under the skin. This is become a popular problem for a lot of   people in these recent years. If you are experiencing this problem; especially on your legs where everybody can see, these are the solutions as well as the preventions of ingrown hairs for you.

  1. Wearing comfortable clothes

Our favorite skinny jeans might cause the ingrown hairs to the wearers. Because when we wear skinny trousers or jeans, it makes the hair cannot grow upright. Therefore, in order to prevent this, you should wear comfortable jeans or can change to trousers in order to prevent further serious.

  1. Put on the hot towel and streamer

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce the ingrown hair. Because the heat will help the pores open and make the hairs become soften and move outward. We can easily take them out with the tweezers, and it will show the result after a few times.

  1. Use the aseptic tweezers to pick up ingrown hairs

Must disinfect the tweezers with medical alcohol before using to it puck up the ingrown hairs. You must choose and use the sharp tweezers in order to not harm and cause the damages to the skins. If it is too deep under the skin and cannot use the tweezers, you should not try to take it out and wait for the hairs grow up.

  1. Remove the dead cells

Ingrown hairs can be a sign of hair folliculitis, so remove the dead cells is a needed and certain action in order to clean deeply the pores. Moreover, it also helps you prevent effectively the ingrown hairs. Actually, you can do “remove the dead cells” regularly few times per week, the ingrown hairs will definitely grow and move upward.

  1. Shaving in the same direction with hair

This is one of the best advice for all women because they usually use the razor to shave the hair on the leg. However, if you shave in the opposite direction with the hairs like some shaving guidelines mentioned, it might make the hairs curl instead of being removed. As a result, ingrown hairs happen.

  1. Use gel when shaving

Many people usually not use a shaving gel when they shave the hairs on their body; especially, on the legs. In fact, because of not using gel while they are shaving, it has caused a certain damage on our skins and all of the hairs. The hairs are not taken close to the root; as a result, it will have the opportunity to grow in the skin.

  1. Moisturize to prevent ingrown hair

If you are wondering why moisturize is associated with removing the ingrown hairs, you should know this: one of the main reasons that cause to this problem is that the ingrown hairs will happen when your skins are lacking vitality or dry.

  1. Preventing the ingrown hair with acne cream

This might sound strange, but it effectively works. Ingrown hairs usually cause the slightly swollen pores. Hence, applying the acne medication on these areas, it will help to reduce the swelling, collapse as well as move upward the ingrown hairs. However, you cannot use acne cream after applying lotion in order to prevent the skin allergic.

  1. Treat the ingrown hairs with a mask

Some people do not believe a mask can help us remove effectively the ingrown hairs on our legs. Actually, with these masks, your skins will improve efficiency.

  • Aspirin mask. There are not many people know about this method, but it really works. All the things that you need to make this aspirin mask are mixing a pulverize aspirin with a little mineral water. Then, you can apply it on your skins where have many ingrown hairs. The salicylic acid in an aspirin will help us clean the dead cell, sterilize and move upward the hairs.
  • Egg white mask. Egg white works like a lightweight waxing pad. Just apply little egg whites on the ingrown hairs skins and wait until it dries. Then, peeling this film gently, it will pull and take out some ingrown hairs and some dry skins. However, we just only do it 1 or 2 times per week in order to avoid the skins become thinner.
  1. Remove the ingrown hairs with the laser

If all of the above information is not working with you, you should go to skin care institute or any spas. They will help you remove effectively these ingrown hairs by using laser technology and do not cause any damages on our skins. However, it might cost us some money to do that.

In case, you have read all above information, but you do not know exactly the reasons cause to this problem as well as its negative impacts on our skin and health. This extra information is for you

  1. The causes of ingrown hairs

The structure and the growth direction of hairs are the important factors in the ingrown hairs. When the ingrown hairs occur on our skin, and although you have removed fully it, it still can grow back. In fact, unless it is a skin sickness, you will get the ingrown hairs when:

  • Straight your skin when shaving: it allows the hair move back to the skin and grow under the skin.
  • Epilation: this action might leave a piece of a hair under the skin surface.
  • Wear tight jeans which not allow for the hairs grow upward

Ingrown hairs’ symptoms:

  • Pain and Itching
  • Pustules and skin rash
  • Occur ingrown hair
  1. The negative impacts

This is not a serious sickness, but it causes us so many annoyances:

  • Painful, itching
  • Affect our appearance, such as skin rough, red rashes and ugly
  • Might cause many serious complications
  1. When do we need go to the doctors?

These ingrown hairs are not a serious sickness. However, we must go to the doctors if it spread and cannot be treated by the common methods or all the above methods.