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As per the reports by the World Health Organization, around 3.4 million people worldwide lose their lives to waterborne diseases. You may install a water filtration plant in your home to stay safe. But what about the times when you’re away from home and feel the need to drink water?See Top 10 Best Filter Water Bottle For stay safe you and your family.

Filter water bottle are a great way to stay safe on the go. It’s particularly useful if you’re a traveler and spend a lot of time backpacking through the lesser-known path. If you have these bottles with you, you can enjoy traveling to the fullest without falling ill.

1. LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go

If you want to have a supply of clean drinking water at all times, then LifeStraw Go has the right option for you! This filtered bottle gets rid of impurities from water in no time. It’s capable of dealing with parasites and bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli.

It comes in various colors and its attractive appearance makes it perfect for people of all ages. The water bottle is free from hazardous elements and can stay in good shape for long.

2. SurviMate Water Bottle

SurviMate Water Bottle


SurviMate filtered bottle is your perfect companion for outdoor recreational trips. When going hiking, camping or backpacking, don’t forget to pack this with your other stuff. Not only does it kill 99.99% of germs, but it’s also easy-to-use since it comes with an adjustable straw.

Its advanced filtration system keeps you safe from potential health issues. It’s also approved by FDA and is completely BPA-free. It is quite affordable and you need not replace its filters for a year despite using it on a daily basis.

3. WaterBasics GRN Line Bottle

WaterBasics GRN Line Bottle

WaterBasics GRN

If you’re looking for a stylish yet functional water bottle, then you should give it a try. It eliminates chemicals, harmful bacteria, and germs and provides you with odorless, colorless, and safe drinking water. So, even if you fill your water bottle with stream water or river water while traveling, you can be at peace knowing that WaterBasics water bottle can purify it.

The filtered bottle satisfies the standards of NSF/ANSI and EPA. It has a long lifespan and you can refill it up to 500 times before you need to replace its filters.

4. OKO H2O Level-II Advanced Filtration Bottle

OKO H2O Level-II Advanced Filtration Bottle

OKO H2O Level-II

This unique and modern water bottle is equipped with advanced filters that can get rid of contaminants with ease. Whether you use it at home or while traveling, this will work at its best. Its contour-shaped style makes it easier to hold.

While the bottle is made of plastic, it’s safe for your health. In fact, you can analyze the functions performed by the filter due to its transparent body. Its high temperature-resistance capability makes it durable.

5. KOR Nava Water Bottle

KOR Nava Water Bottle

KOR Nava

Looking for a filtered water bottle on a budget? Then KOR Nava filter bottle is the ultimate choice. It has the capacity of 65ml and its beautiful design makes it a must-have for every fashionista. Its flip-top cap enables you to drink water conveniently without having to squeeze the bottle. The No-Worry cap keeps the spout sparkling clean from germs.

What makes it amazing is that it is eco-friendly due to the fact that its filters are prepared from coconut shells.

6. Sports Berkey Filter Bottle

Sports Berkey Filter Bottle

Sports Berkey

Whether you go to the gym for exercise or intend to go biking to a nearby trail, you ought to keep a filter water bottle with you to stay hydrated. This purification bottle is the ultimate choice for sports people due to its quirky design and functions.

It’s a reliable product that can handle up to 100 gallons of water with a single change of the filter. It’s capable of terminating a wide range of contaminants and reduces the risk of developing a waterborne illness.

7. GRAYL Ultralight Water Bottle

GRAYL Ultralight Water Bottle

GRAYL Ultralight

This traditional-designed water purification bottle is a hit among consumers. It works best for traveling, but you can also take it to your workplace or use it at home. It purifies water in just 15 seconds and gets rid of bacteria and viruses that can tamper with your health.

Its strong purification and water filtration system clears harsh chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and other elements that ruin the quality and taste of water. Keep it with you to enjoy pure drinking water that is essential for your well-being.

8. WaterWell Travel Filter Bottle

WaterWell Travel Filter Bottle


As the name suggests, this filter water bottle is perfect for traveling due to its sleek and durable design. The bottle is quite lightweight and is made of high-quality Tritan plastic that is BPA-free. Its filter can purify 1,000 liters of water i.e. 2,000 water bottles.

Instead of relying on bottled mineral water, you should buy this product to have clean drinking water without breaking the bank. It reduces the risk of diarrhea, giardia, and other life-threatening diseases.

9. Brita Filter Bottle

Brita Filter Bottle


The modern technology of this water bottle makes it the ultimate choice of health-conscious people. Not only does it kill off bacteria and other harmful elements, but also enhances the taste and quality of drinking water to ensure good health.

The water filters of this cost-effective bottle are reusable and can purify around 40 gallons of water. The average per gallon cost is just $0.10. Its built-in spout makes it easier to drink water without spilling it. You can remove the cap to wash and refill the bottle.

10. Bobble Classic Water Bottle

Bobble Classic Water Bottle

Bobble Classic

The classic water bottle by Bobble helps you reduce plastic waste due to its reusable technology. It can hold 18.5 oz. water and makes it free from chlorine and bacteria. Its soft touch carry cap keeps the built-in straw covered and clean.

The bottle comes with carbon filters that should be replaced after drinking 300 bottles of water. It’s made of BPA-free plastic so you need not worry that it may endanger your life.Now that you have an idea about some of the best filtered water bottles, you can buy one to stay fit and fine.


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